Busan Film Commission

2F Busan Cinema Studios, 1392, Woo 1-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan Korea 612-824

Busan Film Commission has been launched throughout South Korea as the very first organization supporting film production. BFC has played a pivotal role in helping Busan solidify its foundation in the film and video industry and become a city of film that has kept up with the global competitiveness by utilizing its regional and cultural features of Busan. Until the marking of its 20th anniversary in 2019, BFC has committed to drawing more film productions to Busan. The accumulated number of films and videos supported by BFC reached a total of 1,303 in December 2018. Within the same line, BFC has devoted to growing its infrastructure such as the Busan Cinema Studios and the Cinema House Hotel in Busan providing a convenient filming environment, the Busan Cinema Venture Center fostering the local companies in the field of films and videos, as well as, the Busan Asian Film School leading a professional film education, and the Busan Visual Industry Center, which invites film and video-associated companies from Busan and Korea's capital and cultivates manpower of creators.