Project Title: ASEAN-ROK Film Community Programme 2022-2025

Budget: USD 2.5M

Proponent: Busan Film Commission (BFC)

Period: 2022- 2025


Project Description

Busan Film Commission (BFC) and Busan Asian Film School (AFiS) planned “ASEAN-ROK Film Community Programme” which is 3-year-programme to support building strategies to actualize the ASEAN-ROK film community by establishing and advancing the foundations of the film industry and enlarging markets in the ASEAN region for mutual development of film industries of ASEAN and Korea.

“ASEAN-ROK Film Community Programme 2022 – 2025” consists of 4 main projects.

1)  ASEAN-ROK Film Leaders Incubator: FLY

This project is basically a short-filmmaking workshop where aspiring filmmakers from the 10 Southeast Asian countries and South Korea can gather together for one goal. Participants develop short film scripts and make short films under the supervision and instruction of established Asian Filmmakers.

2) FLY Postproduction Workshop

The participants will be trained on the systems, tools, skills and techniques to get familiarized with international standards and practices in the production of films and drama series. It aims to promote production of more qualified films and series that could be released internationally through OTT services not only in Asia but also world widely.

3) Collaboration with ASEAN Culture House

AFiS and ACH will organize a screening event to introduce ASEAN films made by FLY alumni. This collaboration will contribute to expanding cultural exchange and promoting ASEAN films in Korea and supporting FLY alumni to keep making their own films.

4) FLY Film Festival

This event is for FLY alumni from 10 ASEAN countries and the Republic of Korea who have continued their careers in the film industry since their participation in FLY project. Selected alumni will be invited to FLY Film Festival, which consists of diverse programmes such as Screenings, Case Study, Round Table, Master Class.


Introduction of Proponents/Implementing Agencies

Busan Film Commission (BFC) was launched in 1999 as the first film production support organization in Korea. BFC has played a crucial role in strengthening the film and video industry foundation and establishing Busan as an internationally competitive film city by utilizing the local cultural characteristics.

So far, BFC has supported a total of 1,616 films and videos (as of December 2021). Besides, BFC has been promoting various support projects for the overall production of films and videos in the region, including planning, development, production, post-production work, and training industry professionals.

Also, BFC is striving to expand the infrastructures such as Busan Cinema Studios in Busan, which provides film-friendly environments. And Busan Cinema Venture Center, which cultivates local companies related to the film industry and Busan Asian Film School, which lays down the foundation of industry professionals training. Also, Busan Visual Industry Center invites and supports the audiovisual companies from Busan and around Korea cultivating the manpower of the creators. Lastly, Busan Post Lab is building a one-stop post-production support system.

Currently, BFC is organized in 6 teams under 3 departments with 51 staff members. The priority areas of BFC are location services and production support for both nationwide and regional film & video production.

BFC has various working experience with ASEAN.

BFC has been sponsored by ASEAN-Korea Cooperation Fund from 2011 to 2019 and carried forward various cooperate projects with ASEAN.

BFC launched “Asian Film Policy Forum” in 2011 and “ASEAN-ROK Film Community Project” in 2012 to promote mutual growth of the film industry in ASEAN through policy discussion and to create a film community through exchanges in film between Korea and ASEAN. More than 500 film related workers including film policy makers from 8 ASEAN countries participated in the forum and project. For the result, policy makers from the ASEAN Secretariat and 8 ASEAN member countries held an official meeting to discuss the direction of the film industry in ASEAN.

BFC has organized “ASEAN-ROK Film Leaders Incubator: FLY” for 8 years since 2012 and has turned out 178 alumni from ASEAN and Republic of Korea. FLY has been successfully hosted in Thailand in 2013, Myanmar in 2014, Malaysia in 2015, Cambodia in 2016, Indonesia in 2017, Singapore in 2018 and Brunei in 2019. For these successful results, BFC has collaborated with various film organizations and government agencies in ASEAN such as The Film Development Council of the Philippines, Thailand Film Office, Myanmar Motion Picture Development Department, Finas, Cambodia Film Commission, The Indonesia Film Producers Association (Aprofi), Singapore Film Commission and AITI of Brunei Darussalam.

Also, BFC organized FLY Film Festival in 2017 to commemorate ASEAN-ROK Cultural Exchange Year. BFC screened 32 films and invited 20 ASEAN and Korean FLY alumni who produced and directed those films.