ASEAN Regional Mine Action Center

ARMAC is an official ASEAN entity, which was established based on the ASEAN Leaders’ Statement on Establishment of ARMAC during the ASEAN 21st Summit in Cambodia on 18 November 2012. Further, on 27 February 2018, ARMAC and the Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia signed the Agreement between the Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia and ARMAC on Hosting and Granting Privileges and Immunities to ARMAC. ARMAC’s mandate and functions – as stipulated in ARMAC’s terms of reference, are to: (i) enhance awareness programmes on the dangers of ERWs among affected communities; (ii) facilitate appropriate medical and rehabilitation assistance for victims of ERW, upon request from the affected AMS; and (iii) assist interested AMS in research and knowledge sharing on the effects of ERW and efforts to address them, including through writing proposals for technical assistance projects and funding, at their specific and individual request.


For more information on ARMAC, visit its website and social media (Facebook and Twitter).