The AKMF aims to enhance exchange of people and understanding between Korea and 10 ASEAN Member States(AMS) in culture and art. In particular, it intends to strengthen fellowship among ASEAN young people through pop music, which is an international language, and to spread a sense of solidarity of One ASEAN-Korea through concert tour. 

The concert will be held 3 times in total every year, 1 in Korea and 1 in 2 AMS each and will have a tour around 10 AMS for 5 years. Host countries of the concert will change every year, but each concert will showcase all member countries’ music with musicians of Korea and all ASEAN countries participating.

The AKMF will be broadcast in Korea through KBS’s main music program, <All That Music>. In addition, it will also be broadcast around the world through KBS’s satellite channel, ‘KBS World’, and will be broadcast live through 'KBS WORLD' YouTube channel(11.5 million viewers). All concerts of 5 years will be left in records and will continue to be disseminated. Further to this, the concert will be made into broadcasts, albums and digital sounds etc. to provide a stepping stone for musicians participating in the Festival to enter into Korean pop music market, which is the world’s 6th largest music market.