Supported by AKCF, ASEAN-Korea Frontier Forum has been one of the regular activities on youth exchanges between ASEAN and ROK since 2010. Targeting the youth age of 19 to 29 the Forum provides a simulation of the Model of ASEAN-ROK conferences/meetings. The students of ASEAN and ROK will experience the model of ASEAN Summit. In this activity, the students are expected to experience and learn the international diplomacy and the proceeding of the international conference/meetings especially on ASEAN and ROK.   

This year, in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the ASEAN-Korea Dialogue Partnership, the 9th AKFF: ASEAN – ROK Youth Community Initiative was designed. This year’s activity will be a platform to discuss on the global partnership and future plans in the Socio-Culture; Political-Security and Economic sectors. This year, the programme consists of three activities such as:

  • Model of ASEAN – Korea Summit
  • ASEAN-Korea Sectoral Forums
  • ASEAN-Korea Alumni Ceremony

The model of ASEAN-ROK Summit will be participated by all participants where there will be a discussion on socio-culture, political security, economic issue, global agenda and promising perspectives of ASEAN-ROK relations. Meanwhile in the sectoral forum, participants will discuss the possible way to implement the policy or agreement based on the agreement at the Summit. There will be three sectoral forum namely Socio Culture, Political Security and Economic where each of the forum will focus on the specific field.

It is expected through this programme, AEA could create a network among ASEAN-ROK Youth to communicate and exchange of knowledge in the future.