The ASEAN Institute for Peace & Reconciliation (ASEAN-IPR) is mandated to be an ASEAN institution for research activities on peace, conflict management and conflict management. Pursuant to such mandate, the Institute functions – among others – to undertake capacity building activities, namely knowledge building among relevant government officials, scholars or think tanks on peace processes.

Under the ASEAN-ROK Plan of Action (POA) 2016-2020, one of ASEAN and the Republic of Korea’s (ROK) endeavours was to enhance cooperation in support of ASEAN’s efforts in peace and reconciliation in the region through relevant ASEAN mechanisms, including through the ASEAN-IPR.

This “ASEAN-IPR Training & Capacity Building Programme” wishes to address peace through a more comprehensive approach of peace-building. The Programme would develop training materials for ASEAN, which would be utilised at the Seminar and Training Sessions. The Programme is divided into three main activities – of which each shall develop its own modules and training:

  1. Mainstreaming Peace & Reconciliation in Southeast Asia Training Programme – Leg 2: “Ceasefire and Peace Dividends for Local Communities in Conflict Zones”, which shall be organised in Myanmar in the First Quarter of 2021;
  2. Mainstreaming Peace & Reconciliation in Southeast Asia Training Programme – Leg 3: “Post-Conflict and Reintegration Experience in Southeast Asia: Focus on Reconciliation Models”, which shall be organised in Lao PDR, tentatively in the Third Quarter of 2021;
  3. Youth-Tech: Utilising Technology as an Instrument of Peace”, which shall be organised in Indonesia, tentatively in the September 2021 (end of Third Quarter of 2021).

This Programme aims to provide a venue where lessons and experiences on peace processes can be discussed, evaluated and form – which lessons may be gained. Furthermore, this Programme aims to enhance understanding and build the capacity of participants on various aspects of peace-making, peace-building and conflict resolution, with a view to better deal with the attendant challenges.