Project Description

This project aims to achieve three objectives (i) Create greater awareness and capacity among stakeholders in public and private sectors of NQF and QA, functions of NQF, as well as NQF referencing technique, (ii) Utilise learning outcomes as standard in developing programmes and curricula, (iii) Identify gaps, if any, between the programmes and curricula vis-à-vis the NQF, (iv) Propose recommendations to address the gaps to improve the programmes and curricula, as well as the QA system and processes. These activities will help CLMV countries to reference their respective NQF to the ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework (AQRF).

To begin, this project would focus on assessing and testing three selected common programmes in TVET in the implementation of the NQF in each CLMV county.

To achieve the objectives, the project would involve the following:

  • Assessment on the implementation of the NQF and QA system in CLMV countries, which includes identification of gaps and recommendations for improvement.
  • Capacity building workshop (Regional workshop)
  • Capacity building workshop (National workshop)