National Information Society Agency (NIA)

Under the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Ministry of Interior and Safety of Korea, NIA is a statutory agency founded in 1987 by the Framework Act on Informatization Promotion, Article 10. As the core agency of national information in Korea, NIA is taking a role of national think-tank for the informatization and communication and the agency is providing optimal methodologies, strategies and solutions to the government and the other public agencies, local autonomies and relevant public and private enterprises. NIA’s main duties include:

  • Providing expertise in developing and implementing the National Framework & Plan on informatization and its promotion
  • Managing & operating information networks of public organizations
  • Supporting information communication standardization and development
  • Maintaining information systems for inter-agency information sharing
  • Supporting information resource management in the public sector
  • Supporting supervision, standardization, and evaluation of public informatization
  • Providing IT consulting & education services to partnering organizations and nations

And the priority business sectors include: ICT Policy, ICT Convergence(Healthcare and welfare, Education and culture, Land and transport, Environment, etc.), Digital culture, Big Data, Open data and Innovation, E-Governance, ICT Platform & Services(AI, Cloud, Network, etc.)

Recently, NIA worked with ASEAN through utilizing the cooperation funds of ASEAN, namely the ASEAN+3 Special Cooperation Fund for the IT-based ASEAN+3 Food Security Cooperation and Support for Capacity Building Program in 2017 and the ASEAN-Korea Cooperation Fund for the Assessment of ASEAN Food Trade System and Development of IT-based Food Trade Model Project in 2013.