KOREA University of Technology and Education (KOREATECH)

Since its founding in 1991 by the Ministry of Labor of the Republic of Korea, Korea University of Technology and Education (KOREATECH) has played a pivotal role in fostering TVET teachers and practical engineers in response to industrial demands with three different affiliates of the university. The main features KOREATECH are described in detail as followings:

  1. Academic Education

KOREATECH offers 6 engineering and 1 industrial management courses. With the field-based learning activities, it has been ranked as one of the top tier universities among 4-year engineering universities in Korea (2017) and No1. in education-oriented universities for 9 years.

  1. Life-long Education

KOREATECH provides various training programs with domestic and international incumbent TVET teachers and engineers through Human Resources Development Institute (HRDI), one of the affiliated institutions of the university. This institute is the only organization to issue TVET teacher licenses in Korea. To cope with new changes in industry, KOREATECH also has Online Lifelong Education Institute (OLEI) for Korean employees. It has developed over 400 online engineering courses to improve capacities of them.

  1. Global TVET programs

KOREATECH as the TVET hub in Asia, has operated well-organized global programs. It has initiated the Global TVET Master’s degree program in 2018. KOREATECH has also hosted various TVET workshops with other international organizations (ILO, OECD, and etc.) and operated global invitational TVET programs (ODA). KOREATECH is also the chair of TVET-CAMPUS, which is a consultative group between TVET institutions in Asia, to contribute to the mutual cooperation in the field of TVET.