This Handbook offers a simplified and practical reference for project proponents who are looking to develop and submit project proposals through the use of the ASEAN Cooperation Project Proposal Template. The Handbook is also aiming to guide proponents and relevant stakeholders through the implementation of their projects. This guidance encompasses assisting them in the monitoring of approved projects, as well in the completion and submission of completion reports through the use of the prescribed ASEAN Cooperation Project Completion Template. Both of these templates can be accessed at: asean-project-templates/.

The Handbook is primarily designed for projects accessing supports from the ASEAN Development Fund, ASEAN Cultural Fund and other ASEANestablished sources of funding. The book is also aimed at projects supported by ASEAN External Partners through the ASEAN-External Partner established Trust and Project Funds (TPF) under the management of the ASEAN Secretariat. Moreover, the main principles and key processes described in the Handbook are also applicable to guide the development of projects excluded from the Standard Operating Procedure on Project Appraisal and Approval (SOP PAA) and or those supported by partners that have yet to establish guidelines with ASEAN, including for the development of longer-term projects or ASEAN cooperation programmes with ASEAN External Partners.