Project Tite: ASEAN-Korea Music Festival 2023-2024

Budget: UD 5.5M

Proponent: Korean Broadcasting System (KBS)

Period: 2023-2024


Project Description

The ASEAN - Korea Music Festival (AKMF) was launched in 2020 aiming to enhance exchange between people and understanding between Korea and the all 10 ASEAN Member States in the fields of Culture and arts. AKMF contribued to reconnecting ASEAN and Korea through music amidst the corona virus crisis. From now on, it will intend to strengthen the sense of fellowship among ASEAN and Korean young people through pop music, which is an international language, and to spread a sense of the solidarity through an offline concert tour.

the concert will be held 3 times in total over the course 2 years. Host countries of the concert will change every year according to the chair of ASEAN, but each concert will perform all member countries' music with musicians of Korea and all AMS participating. 

The AKMF will be broadcasted all over the world through satellite TV 'KBS world; and online (YouTube etc.) as well. The broadcast will be made into video clips by musicians and will be provided through 'ROUND' Youtube Channel. All concerts will be left in records and will continued to be watched. As well as this, all the results pertaining to the concerts will be made into a commemmorative record (such USB or LP, etc.). The ASEAN - Korea Music Committee (AKMC) also will be continued following the last AKMF. The AKMC was established during implemmentation of the AKMF in 2020-2021 to allow music specialists representing each AMS to network beyond concerts, and that role will be maintained. 

in addition, the forum will be held every year to invigorate exchanges among music pproducers and deal with agenda items such as current music market, ASEAN's music market policy and the establishment of a pool of musicians who performed in AKMF.


Introduction of Proponent/Implementing Agencies

Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) is the key public service media of Korea, whose history goes back to Kyeongseong Broadcasting Corporation established in 1927 that aired the first radio signals in Korea. KBS has transformed to a public service broadcaster in 1973, to play a pivotal role of fair and trustworthy media as the terrestrial public network.

Now, KBS has 4 terrestrial TV channels (HD 1-2TV-UHD 1-2TV), 2 satellite TV channel (KBS World, KBS World 24), 7 radio channels, 4 DMB channels and new media services including mobile app.

KBS is headquartered in Yeouido, Seoul and maintains 9 other ststaions in major cities around Korea. There are 14 branch locations worldwide, including in the US, Europe, China and Japan, where writers and PDs can work as correspondents. The number of personnel in KBS is total 4,480 and the annual budget is approximately USD 1,5 billion as of December 31, 2021.

KBS forsters culture and the arts by maintaining the KBS Hall, which seats 1,600 and by running the KBS Symphony Orchestra and the KBS Traditional Music Orchestra. KBS continues to work towards researching and creating business opportunities to provide next-generation broadcasting services free of charge.