Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lao PDR (ASEAN IPR Lao PDR)

The ASEAN-IPR Lao PDR, one of the main functions and mandates of the Permanent Mission of the Lao PDR to ASEAN in Jakarta, performs its work with the guidance and supervision of the ASEAN Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of the Lao PDR. The ASEAN-IPR Lao PDR/ASEAN Department is Co-Proponent 2 for the Mainstreaming Peace & Reconciliation in Southeast Asia Training Programme – Leg 3: “Post-Conflict and Reintegration Experience in Southeast Asia: Focus on Reconciliation Models”, which will be organised in the Lao PDR, tentatively in the Third Quarter of 2021.

The ASEAN Department were established on 2 March 1996 by the Decree of Prime Minister of the Lao PDR on the Establishment of the ASEAN Department. The Department consists of 5 Divisions namely: ASEAN Political-Security Community Division, ASEAN Economic Community Division, ASEAN Socio-culture Community Division, External Partners Division and General Affairs Division.

ASEAN Department’s current structure has 30 members, including a Director-General, 3 Deputy Directors-General, Division Directors and Deputy Directors and Technical Officers.

The ASEAN Department serves as the ASEAN National Secretariat of the Lao PDR as well as facilitates the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Sectoral Bodies and Macro-management of activities within the ASEAN framework of the Lao PDR, aiming at implementing the work efficiently and effectively. The Department also has mandates, inter alia,  to research policies within ASEAN and between ASEAN and its Dialogue Partners and external partners covering all three ASEAN pillars; promote and enhance cooperation with Dialogue Partners and external partners; research, evaluate, implement and disseminate ASEAN activities/works nationwide in collaboration with all Sectoral Bodies; coordinate and provide guidance to Lao diplomatic Missions abroad on ASEAN matters, including the Permanent Mission of the Lao PDR to ASEAN in Jakarta, especially the work/activities under the ASEAN-IPR framework etc.