The 9th ASEAN-Korea Frontier Forum : ASEAN-Korea Political-Security Forum

20 Dec 2021

BUSAN 9 – 15 NOVEMBER 2021 – ASEAN-Korea Political-Security Forum under the 9th ASEAN-Korea Frontier Forum (AKFF), organised by the Asia Exchange Association (AEA) and sponsored by the ASEAN-ROK Cooperation Fund (AKCF), is convened through both online and offline in Busan from 9 to 15 November 2021.

Inviting 44 youth delegations from ASEAN Member States (AMS) and ROK, the Forum consists of Special Lectures, Country and Committee Meetings, Model Summit and Cultural Experience Activities.

Youth delegations are divided into two committees, ‘ASEAN-ROK Strategic and Maritime Security Cooperation in the Context of Changing Regional Dynamics’ and ‘Preparing for Rising Non-traditional Security Issues : the New Southern Policy, Human Rights and Cybers Security-Digital Transformation’,  thereby enabling the participants to identify and discuss national stances and policies on the agendas, share their perspectives, as well as draw up keynote speeches and joint statement for the Model Summit.

7-days Forum provides a multicultural platform where young generations from AMS and ROK can accumulate in-depth knowledge, discuss the regional issues, experience and learn international diplomacy and the practical procedures of international meetings, and establish a sound network among the participants.

Since 2010, the AKFF has brought the next generation of young leaders from AMS and ROK together to discuss the regional issues and promote cultural exchanges.  It is expected that the Forum will contribute to building a consistent channel for communications and networks among the youth from AMS and ROK.