ASEAN-IPR Training & Capacity Building Programme Youth and Technology Workshop

31 Dec 2021

27 December 2021, Jakarta - The Youth and Technology Workshop "Youth-Tech: Utilising Technology as an Instrument of Peace" was convened virtually on 22-25 November 2021. The Workshop was one of the activities under ASEAN Institute for Peace and Reconciliation (ASEAN-IPR) Training & Capacity Building Programme funded by ASEAN – Korea Cooperation Fund (AKCF).

The workshop that aims to produce a module on “Youth and Digital Technology for Peace” was attended by representatives from ASEAN Member States, ROK Mission to ASEAN, ASEAN-IPR, ASEAN Secretariat, and youths across the region. To enhance the participants engagements on the topic discussions, the workshop organized various interactive activity to enable youth participants to make decisions based on videos of different hypothetical scenarios related to the youth’s experience in the digital platforms.

Ambassador Artauli Tobing (Representative of the Republic of Indonesia to the ASEAN-IPR Governing Council) delivered Project overview and encouraged the youth to utilise Information and Communications Technology (ICT), including the digital platforms, to promote and amplify peace narratives in their community. Ms. Jung Ga-yoen, (Minister-Counselor, ROK Mission to ASEAN) also expressed her appreciation for this Workshop to empower future leaders to be involved in digital space to nurture peace. Furthermore, H.E. Mr. Sidharto Suryodipuro (Director-General for ASEAN Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia) through his keynote address also emphasize the youth’s important role in promoting peace, tolerance, moderation and constructive dialogue; and this Workshop might promote Youth, Peace and Security Agenda by fostering critical thinking skills, which are helpful to build the capacity and skills of ASEAN youths as well as to fight hate speech, disinformation and terrorism.

Combining the elements of youth, peace and technology, the Workshop presented two sessions of the panel discussion. The first session, namely Youth and Peace as well as Youth and ICT in ASEAN discussed the realities of youth and peace issues in the region. This session underlined the youth’s role as an agent for peace, including countering radicalism and violent extremism. It is important to promote youth engagement with the government and non-governmental institutions in promoting inclusivity in fostering peace.  The second session highlights challenges and opportunities of ICT. The youth is encouraged to utilise ICT in a responsible manner, to spread peaceful messages and create a better place for everyone.

The Workshop continued with a series of Training Sessions delivered by well-experienced experts and trainers across the region to deepen their understanding of the region’s peace and technology issues and explore how they could utilise ICT as an instrument of peace to promote peace narratives in their community. The Training Sessions also provided the participants with an avenue to connect with other ASEAN youths, expand their network, and develop their capacity in creating peace initiatives by using ICT to contribute in peacebuilding efforts in the region.

It is hoped that the Module on Youth and Digital Technology for Peace will continue to be used as a capacity-building activity to promote the culture of peace and empower the youth in utilising ICT as an instrument of peace.